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July 19, 2019  

Episode 47 - When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an architect for the world's most renowned ski resort? Well wonder no longer because this week's game, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, gives you the opportunity to experience that for yourself!




July 12, 2019  

Episode 46 - Clatter

Today's episode is about Clatter, a turn-based arena tactics game where you control a squad of adorable robots! Listen in as James talks about the good...and the not-so-good of this game.




July 5, 2019  

Episode 45 - VA-11 HALL-A

Today James talks about Va11halla, a visual novel/bartending sim that takes place in a crazy cyberpunk future! This is an incredibly unique game that you won't want to miss hearing about!




June 28, 2019  

Episode 44 - Hades

Today James talks about Hades, the newest title from Supergiant Games. If you've played any of Supergiant's other games, you know that this is an episode you won't want to miss!




June 21, 2019  

Episode 43 - Gato Roboto

Serious question: What in the world could be better than a Metroid-inspired action platformer where you play as a cat in a robot suit?! I'm not giving you the answer - all I'm saying is that you should listen into this episode about Gato Roboto to decide for yourself!




June 7, 2019  

Episode 42 - Ape Out

Today James talks about Ape Out, a game where you play a raging monkey whose only desire is freedom!




May 31, 2019  

Episode 41 - Wandersong

Generally playing a bard in games is kind of a last resort choice, but Wandersong makes a case for it being incredibly fun! Listen in as James talks about this colorful and musical adventure!




May 24, 2019  

Roundtable w/ Nerdershewrote

Today's episode is extra special because James is joined by Mackenzie, who is also known as Nerdershewrote! Not only is Mackenzie an avid gamer, but she also uses her blog to review indie games on a weekly basis. This is a conversation you won't want to miss!





May 17, 2019  

Episode 40 - Ash of Gods: Redemption

Will you and your companions survive the reaping? Listen in as James talks about Ash of Gods: Redemption, a turn-based strategy and visual novel mashup about Terminus, a medieval world under the pressure of an unknown power.




May 10, 2019  

Episode 39 - Islanders

Need a break from killing hordes of enemies and dealing with toxic players? If so, this might be the perfect game for you! Listen in as James talks about Islanders, one of the most relaxing city-builders you can find!